Barak Obama Declares War on America’s Most Faithful and Powerful Ally!

King of the World

My Personal Peace Plan

Have you noticed how predictably, Obama aims his verbal cheap-shots, well below the belt? I anticipated the Administration’s typical haughty rhetoric, for America’s solitary friendly ally, in the Middle East. The Obama delivery of edicts, on the eve of a state visit, by Israel’s Prime Minister, Netanyahu; was the most egregious, Fool’s Comedy, displayed publicly, since Khrushchev pounded his shoe on the podium of the UN!

Pandering, for the conditional loyalty, of the fickle Islamic “street”; existential threats to Israel, flowed from the highly rehearsed, lips of the President! Good luck with that attempt, Mr. President. The Russian efforts to lead the world in space exploration, only incentivized Americans to Walk on the Moon. Why does this president, shame, blame, and aim, his Oratorical guns, at America and Israel? I felt disgusted, and motivated, by the relentless tactics, of the Obama Machine…..and determined to fight their tyranny, like a Junkyard Dog!

Obama kept his steely eyes, firmly glued, to his “Blankie” Teleprompter , filled with the convoluted rationale of a polished lie. The President pompously, redefined Israel’s Sovereign Border. The grand, oratorical construct, was carefully designed, to leave plenty of room for nuances, by ProgBot Zombies.  Proclaiming his personal International Policy, the Commander-In-Chief,  unilaterally, represented all Americans. Invoking the Name of We the People, he swaggered, while launching an obvious first, stealthy,  shot, at Jerusalem, the Heart of Israel!  Virulent Anti-Semitism, the dirty, not-so-secret, Philosophy du Jour, of the Left, and their  Jihadi co-horts; continues to thrive, in an underground den of  Hyenas. This includes the prissy citizenry of the  “enlightened West”, Europe and the US. Obama’s inclination to-  “lie down with dogs”, will surely result in America “rising up with fleas ” –  scratching like a hound with six legs!

The arbitrary policy, of the Administration, reeks of pandering to the growing, Islamic Voting Bloc. What does the adherence of this Mega-Pseudo-Religion, to the Party that panders to its extreme, philosophical theory, mean to US Non-Islamic, citizenry? Could it provide, opportunity for seizure of more control? Perhaps we will be impressed, into the obligations of Sharia laws, that promote customs leading to societal devolution. The latest Census numbers are being manipulated, for political purposes, as you read this article. The Census reveals, the reproductive rate of this Voting Bloc, outstrips almost every defined, demographic group, within US borders.

Interestingly, as a professed Christian, Obama represents himself as a capable scholar of the Quran,  but not the Holy Bible. This is widely attributed, to subliminal, absorption of massive, amounts of propaganda. It is considered, the result of snoozing, for 20 years, in the Reverend Wright’s, Black TheologyPersonality-Cult-Apostasy-Church. I believe Obama is a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing. It appears, that this president, has been thoroughly steeped , in the rhetoric, tactics, hatred, and tenets, of his World View.  Which continues to be carefully fostered and promoted by the nefarious followers of, Nihilist, Social Manipulators, responsible for Young Barak’s indoctrination.

Barak Obama is seemingly, unable to discern, the obvious Fatal Errors, embedded in his myopic fantasy of  Utopian America. The shameless touting, of this President’s’ Constitutional overreaching, enacted through laws and, more lethal, Administrative Rule Making can be traced to one source. The massive effort, of draft-dodging, self-aggrandizing, snot-nosed, rejects, of the ’60s and ’70s, representing themselves as “Journalists”! Extreme Brown-Nosing by Leftist “Journalists” is accepted as Gospel! The Yellow Rags of the past, are replaced, by Mega News Organizations, Blogs, and a Virtual Battery, of Media Panderers. The best thing, I can say, about the Presidency of Barak  H. Obama, is that he is, a “Uniter”! He has galvanized every single Constitution-supporting, gun-toting, common-sense, Patriot, in the United States! Thank you, so much, Mr. One-Term-Wonder.

It is my opinion, that those, who love the Founders’ vision of America,  have a moral obligation to uphold our Constitution. Mainly, because it is the  most exceptional, expression, of human desire for liberty, ever conceived, by mortals. Also for the reason that failure, to defend the US Constitution, will manifest, in a pathetic legacy to our children and grandchildren. It is they, who may be cursed, with the hopelessness and slavery, inherent, in Socialistic, Bureaucracy-laden, regimes. Since we have received a largely, unearned, bounty of liberty, it is our duty, to cherish and guard it. We do this, because young men and women, continue to give ALL they have. They protect the Liberties Guaranteed us, by a Sacred Trust. Thankfully, the privilege of voting, has not been revoked by Executive Order , or by the constant manipulation of the Eric Holder “Justice” Department, yet.

I am not committed, to the view, that Obama willfully, distorts the face of this nation’s character and its Constitution. I prefer, to regard him, with a more charitable eye. My minds’ indelible photo of Obama, has been inserted forever. Michelle Malkin’s less sinister, description of Obama, as the “Man-Child” President, in her article, “The Adult-Baby Syndrome” published on May 21, 2011, hit the nail-on-the-head.

While I’m not a prognosticator of future events-it doesn’t take more than a teaspoon, of common sense, to perceive that Barak Obama, is not a man who deserves a second term! A second term for Obama, gives me a visual, of America’s Locomotive to Destruction. I for one, do not intend to board that, ‘bullet train to nowhere’, again!