American Voter, Dupe, or Informed Citizen? An objective overview.

American Voter-Sheep or Eagle

Who is the American Voter?

The Perennially compliant, object of  Democrats‘ strategically targeted political pandering, and manipulative, dissemination of  untruths, bovine, at best, malevolent, at worst…the CENTRISTS‘ of the Democrat Melee. The routinely mindless, Democrats’ mental dog food is nutritious fare, for those who don’t mind trading liberty, for permanent security using as collateral, ‘life-long’ scraps, from the leavings of  radical slave-masters. For the purpose of controlling the National dialogue, the uber-leftists’ Rhetoric obfuscates all National discussion and will later foist ‘PIPE DREAMS’ on the American citizenry. These victories, vetted by a series of lies from the Maw of Hell,  that stand out like a Nun at a Strip Poker game. The poor centrist Dupes, are the focus of every sleazy scheme of the Democratic Party. Unfortunately, their ‘ideologically unchallenged’ frame of reference,  renders them helpless to navigate the enormous, ever-expanding, pile of manure, liberally produced and distributed, by the Radical Left. Their intellectual convolutions, coupled with feigning deliberate ignorance, has maintained the Obama Administration’s pseudo-credibility among otherwise, intelligent, patriotic citizens. These are the truly disenfranchised of the American public. A huge demographic group, without  honest representation. The so-called leadership they select, so deeply  buried in political  dogma that would be unrecognizable to most conscious beings! In addition, their scholastic background has molded their world-view. It is unthinkable for their egos’ sake, that they are so infinitely wrong! The inculcated fear and loathing of the ‘EvilConservatives, has diverted their intellectual discernment– blocking necessary ingredients of logical thought. Desperately hoping for the best..their knee-jerk vote may, once again, follow the Democratic Party through their uninspired warrens of despair!  The insanely busy, minimally informed (by select media sources), generation, fostered by the Boomer Generation-are highly confident, and increasingly influential, upon the political stratosphere of so-called ‘progressive enlightenment’. All, compliments of their incredibly focused and persistent, puppeteers!  Their controllers are  élite, Global ‘Mega-Players‘  whose sole intent is to manipulate and/or destroy, any obstruction  to their direction, or tactics . Endorsement of  the ‘politically correct‘, and therefore, morally convenient, provides cover required for hiding nefarious acts, from those the ‘tolerant’ Patricians train to do the lifting of political donkeys! Fairness, journalistic integrity or normal standards of decency, are the least of  dilemmas to those who seek to become the privileged purveyors of ALL, Wise and Wonderful things.

A ‘mish mosh‘ of 18-45 year-old singles, parents, and future grandparents, indiscriminately attach their allegiance to failed sociopolitical experiments, deadly to the unfortunates swept into a looming tsunami of starvation and hopeless slavery.  Why they do not bother to question the inconsistencies and outright lies perpetrated by their ‘idealized political heroes‘  remains an enigma, which has played, on the repetitious screen of History for centuries! Inflated oratory, almost always, hides inconvenient truths, and diverts logical discussion, with melodramatic hyperbole. The rhetoric of the Obama Campaign Machine, echoes the songs of ancient, mythical, sirens to ardently patriotic Patsies-painting a picture of a future they had envisioned from inspiration of the ‘American Dream’. Inevitablystunned by reality, as are all idealists, they lurch in the direction of least resistance to their insular ‘world view’. Unfortunately, the ‘Boomers reared their children with fantastically conflated expectations and convenient myths, about the character of America. Unfettered by hardship, responsibility, or practical moral authority, the procreation of the ‘Hip‘ Narcissistic moral bankrupts of the 60s and 70s have become a reflection of their parents‘ vacuous moral hypocrisy. Sadly, like their parents, those who gain wisdom, with age, will be morally horrified by the outcome of such stupid, nihilist intellectual and spiritual corrosion wrought by their distorted vision of America’s future! Their children’s heritage..the whirlwind, deliberately seeded by self-centered, narcissistic, Belly Buttons! Most egregious of all, the tradition of optimism and hope of this nation is being subverted daily! The pathetic ‘Progressive‘ philosophies never fail to erode their cultures’ spiritual and moral foundations-their Sponsors hurriedly try to get them quickly entrenched in cultural norms before their corrosive components are revealed in the Light of Day!

One humorous manifestation of this political autonomy is the growing trend to describe one’s thinking as ‘progressive.’  Of course, this is an oxymoron, and not a synonym for the carefully avoided label of Liberal pinhead! The concept was obviously concocted as a cover for the demographically young, hip, ‘liberal thinker‘. The ignorance of true ‘Progressive‘ thought, whether in total or in part,  is blatantly revealed in this dodge!  My young grandchildren are not being taught that Americans are ‘special‘ or that this nation has lead the world in the fight for liberty for all nations! They are routinely, taught that their parents’ point of view is ‘outdated‘,  formed by historical lies, mean-spirited, racist, elitist, therefore, incompatible with the advancement of Equality and Justice!  The lame posturingof the ‘progressive‘ Left, has distracted American attention from the overarching dynamic underlying a radical shift of the US to the Loser’s column of History. The propaganda machine of the Liberal Education ‘teaching’ ranks-renders critical thought irrelevant, instead, promotion of conformity, and plurality, which squashes inspiration, and drive to excel. The malfeasance of the education monopoly does not simply apply to their propagandizing. Boys, being boys, upsets the ‘apple cart‘ of Social Engineers. Not resourceful enough to develop strategies to manage healthy, active, children…mediocre teachers, and administrators have manipulated and ‘extorted‘ parents who resist taking their kids, especially boys, to quack doctors, who toss out a quickie diagnosis of ‘ADHD‘  treated by ingestion of ‘methamphetamine‘ stimulants, until their children’s little brains are cooked!  At one time, those who later volunteered for the US Armed Services, were disallowed, if they had been treated with the standard ‘Ritalin‘ remedy!

Those young children not adequately ‘informed‘ in the dogma of the Left, are routinely ridiculed, intellectually battered, and academically punished! Why the American public has sat on their collective couches and allowed this travesty to be forced upon our children, is a bizarre mystery! Our ancestors warned that apathy would lead to loss of Liberty. They stressed that vigilance must be maintainedin order for our Constitutionally guaranteed Freedoms to remain our possession! It is clear that their warnings , aquired through historical observation, keen understanding of human behavior, and the foresight to construct a written monument to Man’s inspired relationship with a benevolent, Almighty God, who cares about every detail of His Own! Our Forefathers were able to present to America the great Gift of a perfect model for a free and prosperous people, with the checks and balances required to avoid tyrannical governance! I thank God for that Grace extended to unworthy humankind!

The struggle of the American people today is as vital to the survival of our national existence, as any battle, ever fought in our history. We are straddling a chasm, that threatens the unity and resolve of our nation, at a time when standing together, as we did on 9/12/01 is once again, our only hope of waking every morning in a free nation! Threats from outside our country, are beginning to be overshadowed by the specter of a cancerous, invasive, takeover of our liberty by a swelling bureaucratic prison of Federal ‘regulation’. As America is distracted by the economic disaster consuming the national debate, it is  unlikely that the true culprits in this debacle will step-up and demand self-accountability! Unbelievably, the President, and his mouthpieces, continue to blame the policies of the Bush Administration for the impotence of their own spending spree…approach to economic stability. Blaming Bush’s policies has been partly replaced with redundant whining about hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, Congress, and of course, continued mewling about the earlier administration! They are far too busy rationalizing their failure, to consider salvaging even part of the nation’s future prosperity!

The ‘leadership‘ of Barak Obama, once touted as brilliant and intellectually superior, by the sycophants in the mainstream media-has proved to be a dismally failed facsimile of enlightened vision. Foisting legislation and administrative Rule by Fiat,  upon the American public, since taking office, 2 1/2 years ago, Obama’s Administration has  failed to produce  solemnly promised ‘transparency‘….it has instead sought to distort the debate, until it is clear that their arrogance will continue to exert authority over our people, until they are deposed! Sadly, the only legitimate claim to fame, to Obama’s credit, is the infinitely divisive race-baiting, and class-warfare he and his surrogates, have used to draw this nation closer to the brink of Civil War, than ever in my lifetime!

It is dubious that those who once supported Obama’s Presidency, are eager to continue trudging on the path he has floundered for more than long enough to prove he, is an inexperienced, dogmatic, mean-spirited, stubborn, adolescent, who may be suffering from cognitive misfires of synaptic activity, and Mathematical Distraction disorder, the dreaded MSD Syndrome!  Americans have begun to sober-up, enmasse, as they are finally become aware that their survival, prosperity, and the future of their children and grandchildren is at stake! However, there are segments of the voting public who deeply identify with the ‘myth‘ of the great and mighty ‘Society of Prosperous Utopians’, and ‘Economic Social Justice’ for ALL! The persistent, belligerent ranting of those who believe they deserve to be supported by those who are productive, mainly because they would RATHER NOT work-and of course, they speak for those who are legitimately unable to work, because they have bigger mouths! This Dog won’t hunt. Americans with common sense know it, Obama and his mangy CREW, know it, Soros, knows and has paid good money for trashing American Patriots! The American Voter might very well get WISE to this ‘pile‘ of politically expedient, manipulation, and kick some Left-Prog-Bot behinds all the way to the nearest space-flight launch site! Those who fall into the snare of high-sounding, oratorical prevarications, will be the object of History’s contempt, and everlasting condemnation! They will watch with horror and fascination as the cold winds of human attempt to rule the ‘proletarian masses’ of brain-dead Zombies results in disaster on an unprecedented scale!